ElvWiS ALUMINIUM Generator EGE200-VA

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  • IS10099.2
Double-disc generator, Aluminium design With stainless steel axle and steel bearings.... more
Product information "ElvWiS ALUMINIUM Generator EGE200-VA"

Double-disc generator, Aluminium design

With stainless steel axle and steel bearings.
Optional wit 12/24-Volt charge controller or 3-phase rectifier.

Technical data of the generator

Compatibility: ElvWiS I ALUMINIUM Turbine.
Construction: Double-disc generator (IP 54), 12-pole (24 neodymium magnets), AC 3-phase, brushless, cogging-free.

Housing/Socket: Weather resistant Aluminium material with stainless-steel connecting elements.
Axle: Stainless steel; equipped with precision ball bearing seatings and a axle stub with M12 external thread on top; for locking of the rotor axis equipped with a practical wrench attachment point.
Bearings: Sturdy steel ball bearings with lifetime lubrication.
Cable connection: Strain relief below the generator bottom.
Cable:0.3 meters of flexible equipment cable with 3 phases x 1.5 mm.

Weight: 3,5 kg
Hight without axle: 52 mm
Diameter body: 160 mm
Diameter base plate: 190 mm

Nominal power at 1200 U/min: 100 Watts
Maximum power at 1700 U/min: 225 Watts (short time)
Nominal Voltage: 4,9 Volt DC per 100 U/min (AC converted)

Scope of supply

Connection cable
Rectifier (optional)
Charge controller (optional)

Optional components

3-Phase rectifier (optional): 1 piece
Specifications: Waterproof encapsulated 3-phase bridge rectifier for direct connection of lighting, electric motors and lead (gel) batteries. Converts the alternating current of the generator into a direct current corresponding to the rotational speed. On AC side three turbine plug connections and on DC side two plug connectors (Minus - / + Plus).

Charge controller (optional): 1 piece
Specifications: Charging mode: MPPT boost for low wind speeds; Nominal voltage (battery): 12V / 24V auto detection; Standby current consumption: 3.6 mA; Boost charge start: 8-9 V (12 V Batt.) / 15-16 V (24 V Batt.); Protection class: IP 67; Power max.: 400 Watts; Max. input voltage: 60 Volts; Brake voltage: at 14.4 V (12 V batt.) / at 28.8 V (24 V batt.); Restart voltage: at 13.5 V (12 V batt.) / at 27.0 V (24 V batt.); Float voltage (after braking mode): down to 12.5 V (12 V batt.) / down to 25.0 V (24 V batt.); Detection voltage min.: 8 V; Protection functions: Battery overvoltage, charging current limitation, braking function; Working temperature: -35 °C - +75 °C / 85 % RH; Display: Red LED (Blinking once when the battery is connected. Permanently on in braking mode. Flashes in float charge mode.), Green LED (Flashes in boost charging mode. Permanently on in standard charging mode.); Connection: 3 x blue cable (Connection to generator 3-phase alternating current), 1 x red cable (Connection to battery plus "+"), 1 x black cable (Connection to battery minus "-").

Nominal/Maximum Power: 225 Watt
Generator Material: Sea water restistant Aluminium
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