The Idea behind the IDEEN-SCHMIEDE

Our goal is to provide our customers with miniaturized power plants that enable them to generate energy themselves in a variety of conditions. This energy can be obtained in the form of electrical and mechanical energy primarily from the alternative energy sources wind, sun and water.

Particularly in the age of energy saving and the resulting new developments, which require very little power, micro-power plants are becoming increasingly important. For example, power-saving LEDs and microprocessors in computers and smart phones can already be supplied with the necessary energy via small power generators.

Rising energy prices are also increasingly arousing the desire for independent energy generation and self-sufficiency. By using one or more small energy generators, the power production can be individually adjusted to the local conditions and the power requirements.

We always develop our products with a view to universal applicability and long-lasting quality. For example, different energy producers can be combined with each other and existing energy systems can be supplemented. In view of today's throw-away society, we attach great importance to the fact that our products are all capable of being repaired. Thus, e.g. after many years of operation, change requests or unforeseen circumstances, all components can be easily restored, modified or replaced.

Our product range is designed to serve individual customers with a different requirements for their applications. For example, versatile types of power generators are available, ranging from the low-cost model for beginners to the visually and technically perfected model for the discerning user. We also take care of the customer's technical abilities; the product variants include everything from the kit for DIY enthusiasts to ready-to-use complete package.

In addition to a standard product range, we are also happy to realize individual adaptations of our products in close cooperation with the customer. All the experience gained can be continuously incorporated into the development of new models and the optimisation of existing applications.
In other words, you can actively help to make the products even better for yourself and future customers.

We would be very pleased if you could also make a small contribution to environmental protection and independent energy generation with our support.

Thank you very much for your interest,