The Product History

The IDEEN-SCHMIEDE was founded with the intention of making alternative sources of energy available to the public. At the beginning was the development of small and cost-efficient vertical wind rotors, the ElvWiS ALUMINUM wind rotors, which operate according to the Savonius principle. New tasks and requirements quickly became necessary in order to enable optimum use of wind power in the demanding field of micro-wind energy. This was followed by compact disc generators specially adapted to the size of the wind rotors, which represent by their brushless design and the use of permanent magnets an optimal link between the mechanical force of the wind rotors and the production of the electrically usable energy. In the further course, various mounts were developed in order to be able to operate the wind rotors at any location.
The next evolutionary stage are the ElvWiS-ADVENTURE wind turbines. The ADVENTURE series has been specially designed for use in harsh environmental conditions with frequent changes of location. The goal of this development was to use the experience of the previous years and combine a high level of performance efficiency, product quality and user friendliness. The ADVENTURE turbines are therefore completely made of high-quality materials and are fully equipped for direct use. They can be assembled within a few minutes completely without tools and can also be disassembled into their main components. The disassembled turbines are easy to transport by hand due to their small pack size and low weight. Firmly mountable versions are also available for permanent installation. The user is thus enabled to directly operate micro-power plants without any special knowledge at any conceivable location.

The ALUMINIUM Hybrid wind turbines were created from the combination of the ALUMINUM and ADVENTURE series and combine their greatest advantages. The large, solid rotor made of lightweight and durable aluminum has been combined with the stable and torsion-resistant hollow shaft and the generator of the ADVENTURE models. By the practical plug-in assembly of the rotor in the generator and the upper bearing support the final assembly is greatly simplified. The effective bolt connection between rotor and rotor axis speeds up the rotor assembly and eliminates errors in the positioning and mounting of the rotor on the axle. The floating design of the rotor mount in the upper bearing allows easy adjustment in the holder and ensures a good freewheel of the turbine. As a final quality feature in this turbine series only high quality stainless steel connecting material and solid stainless steel ball bearings in generator and holder
are used.

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