As its Finest:
Premium Wind Turbines

High-quality kits for easy self-assembly, which combine the proven advantages of all vertical turbine series.

For the Road:
Compound Wind Turbines

High-quality, quickly dis-/assembled ready-to-use complete sets or permanently installable kits made of lightweight high-tech material.

The Classic:
Full-Metal Wind Turbines

Versatile usable kits for self-assembly made of durable aluminum and inexpensive standard components.

Disc Generators

Powerful and cogging-free disc generators with high-performance magnets for conversion / upgrade and your own projects.

IDEEN-SCHMIEDE - Innovative solutions for the utilization of renewable energies

Here you will find innovative ElvWiS® micro-energy power plants for the power supply of your home, boat, garden house, mobile home, camping and many other applications...
Would you like to be well prepared at all times, reduce your energy costs in an environmentally friendly way and get free energy regardless of location?

Build up your own power supply or complete your existing energy systems. Energy bottlenecks on travel or in remote regions are also a thing of the past.
User-friendly and high-quality micro power-plants, which everyone can afford, give joy for a long time and above all are also extremely useful, this combination of characteristics is forward-looking. Let yourself be inspired.
Learn also something about the idea behind the IDEEN-SCHMIEDE and the most recent questions and answers about or products.