ElvWiS ADVENTURE 25SE Economy Set


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Product information "ElvWiS ADVENTURE 25SE Economy Set"

One-stage wind turbine with Savonius rotor, Economy Set

Components ready to use.
Generator and rotor axis separable, rotor completely demountable, no tools required.
With connection cable an o
ptional with 3-phase rectifier or 12/24-Volt charge controller.
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Scope of supply

Generator (ABS, steel bearings, Aluminium axle)
Turbine base plate (segmented, Aluminium)
Connection cable (3 m)
Rotor-axis (one-stage, Aluminium)

Rotor discs (transparent, highly resistant polymer)
Rotor blades (transparent, highly resistant polymer)
Suction cups with eyelets
12/24-Volt charge controller (optional)
3-Phase rectifier (optional)

Main components in reusable cases
Operating and instructions manual (digital)

Technical data of the wind turbine

Total weight: 3.2 kg without cables and installation material
Total height: 36.5 cm
Pack size (disassembled): approx. 40 x 40 x 20 cm

Material: Stainless Steel, seawater-resistant Aluminium, UV-resistant plastics
Spinning start: 0.5 - 1.0 m/s
Charging start 12.5 / 24.5 Volt: 3.5 - 4.5 / 7.0 - 8.0 m/s
Operating range: 0.5 - 30 m/s
Operating voltage: 0 - 45 Volts, optimised for 12-Volt applications
Operational noise: < Ambient noise / 30 dB max.
Dimensions of the rotor: B 32 x H 22 cm
Rotor nominal power at 12 m/s: 11 Watts
Rotor maximum power at 20 m/s: 52 Watts
Maximum generator efficiency: 96 %

Rotor type: Savonius rotor - 2 opposed C-shaped blades per level
Rotor features: Allrounder for gusty winds and all wind speeds; fast power delivery at low wind speeds; quick reaction to changing wind speeds; self-braking at high wind speeds.
Mounting options: For example, mobile with suckers/rubber tensioners on flat surfaces and with ground pegs on loose ground.

Component details

Generator: 1 piece
Construction: Double-disc generator (IP 64), 12-pole (24 neodymium magnets), AC 3-phase, brushless, cogging-free.
Housing: Extremely sturdy ABS compound material with stainless steel connecting elements.
Axle: Aluminium; equipped with precision ball bearing seatings and a zylindrical axis retainer with integrated centering sleeve; for locking of the rotor axis equipped with a spring split pin.
Bearings: Massive branded steel ball bearings with lifetime lubrication.
Cable connection: Single implemented stable strain relief on generator.

Turbine base plate (segmented): 1 piece
Construction: Robust 4 mm aluminum solid sheet elements. Compatible with the small universal mount. Multifunctional use due to holes for attaching the suction feet and eyelets, as well as to the slotted holes for the direct fastening by ground pegs.

Connection cable: 3 meters
Specifications: Flexible and durable 10 mm thick, rubberized outdoor equipment cable with 3 phases x 1.5 mm.

Rotor axis (one-stage): 1 piece
Construction: All aluminium-made, torsion resistant 16 mm hollow axle with locking split-pins and protective cap.

Rotor disc: 2 pieces
Construction: Rigid 2 mm thick sheet made of transparent, impact- and weather-resistant high-performance polymer with self locking quick connectors. Centering sleeves made of impact- and abrasion-resistant polyamide with integrated rubber axle locking. 
Special features: Individually paintable with Lexan colors.

Rotor blade: 3 pieces
Construction: Flexible, aerodynamically shaped blade made of transparent, impact- and weather-resistant high-performance polymer with self locking quick connectors.
Special features: Individually paintable with Lexan colors.

Suction cup with eyelet: 3 pieces
Specifications: High suction 80 mm quality suction cup with M6 stainless steel connecting thread. Sturdy M6 stainless steel eye screw for attaching safety and bracing elements.

3-Phase rectifier (optional): 1 piece
Specifications: Waterproof encapsulated 3-phase bridge rectifier for direct connection of lighting, electric motors and lead (gel) batteries. Converts the alternating current of the generator into a direct current corresponding to the rotational speed. On AC side three turbine plug connections and on DC side two plug connectors (Minus - / + Plus), incl. fuse holder, and fuse.

Charge controller (optional): 1 piece (also suitable for LiFePo4 batteries)
Specifications: Waterproof encapsulated battery charge regulator (12/24 V) with integrated rectifier; Charging mode: MPPT boost for low wind speeds; Nominal voltage (battery): 12V / 24V auto detection; Standby current consumption: 3.6 mA; Boost charge start: 8-9 V (12 V Batt.) / 15-16 V (24 V Batt.); Protection class: IP 67; Power max.: 400 Watts; Max. input voltage: 60 Volts; Brake voltage: at 14.4 V (12 V batt.) / at 28.8 V (24 V batt.); Restart voltage: at 13.5 V (12 V batt.) / at 27.0 V (24 V batt.); Float voltage (after braking mode): down to 12.5 V (12 V batt.) / down to 25.0 V (24 V batt.); Detection voltage min.: 8 V; Protection functions: Battery overvoltage, charging current limitation, braking function; Working temperature: -35 °C - +75 °C / 85 % RH; Display: Red LED (Blinking once when the battery is connected. Permanently on in braking mode. Flashes in float charge mode.), Green LED (Flashes in boost charging mode. Permanently on in standard charging mode.); Connection: 3 x blue cable (Connection to generator 3-phase alternating current), 1 x red cable (Connection to battery plus "+"), 1 x black cable (Connection to battery minus "-"), incl. fuse holder and fuse.

Aplication Area: Camping
Generator Material: UV-resistant plastics
Maximum Power: 50 Watt
Mounting Material: Stainless steel
Mounting Method: Below
Rotor Material: Transparent UV-plastics
Rotors Stages: One-stage
Turbine Design: Fully demountable

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