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ElvWiS ALUMINIUM Generator EGE200-VA

Product information "ElvWiS ALUMINIUM Generator EGE200-VA"

Double-disc generator, Aluminium design

With stainless steel axle and bearings.
Optional wit 12/24-Volt charge controller or 3-phase rectifier.
Fits the ElvWiS I ALUMINIUM rotor.

Technical data of the generator

Construction: Double-disc generator (IP 54), 12-pole (24 neodymium magnets), AC 3-phase, brushless, cogging-free.
Housing/Socket: Seawater-resistant Aluminium material with stainless-steel connecting elements.
Axle: Stainless steel; equipped with precision ball bearing seatings and a axle stub with M12 external thread on top; for locking of the rotor axis equipped with a practical wrench attachment point.
Bearings: Sturdy stainless steel ball bearings with lifetime lubrication.
Cable connection: Strain relief below the generator bottom.
Cable:0.3 meters of flexible equipment cable with 3 phases x 1.5 mm.

Weight: 3,5 kg
Hight without axle: 52 mm
Diameter body: 160 mm
Diameter base plate: 190 mm

Nominal power at 1000 U/min: 70 Watts
Maximum power at 1800 U/min: 225 Watts (short time)
Idling Voltage (AC Output): 4,9 Volt DC per 100 U/min (AC converted)

Scope of supply

Connection cable
Rectifier (optional)
Charge controller (optional)

Optional components

Charge controller (optional): 1 piece
Descripion: Waterproof encapsulated battery charge controller (12/24 V) with integrated rectifier (also suitable for LiFePo4 batteries).
Charging mode: MPPT boost for low wind speeds
Nominal voltage (battery): 12V / 24V auto detection
Standby current consumption: 3.6 mA
Boost charge start: 8-9 V (12 V Batt.) / 15-16 V (24 V Batt.)
Protection class: IP 67
Power max.: 400 Watts
Max. input voltage: 60 Volts
Brake voltage: at 14.4 V (12 V batt.) / at 28.8 V (24 V batt.)
Restart voltage: at 13.5 V (12 V batt.) / at 27.0 V (24 V batt.)
Float voltage (after braking mode): down to 12.5 V (12 V batt.) / down to 25.0 V (24 V batt.)
Detection voltage min.: 8 V
Protection functions: Battery overvoltage, charging current limitation, braking function
Working temperature: -35 °C - +75 °C / 85 % RH
Display: Unload-LED, Charge-LED
Cable connection: 3 x blue for generator alternating current, 1 x red for battery plus, 1 x black for battery minus.

3-Phase rectifier (optional): 1 piece
Description: Waterproof encapsulated 3-phase bridge rectifier for direct connection of lighting, electric motors and other direct current applications.
Function: Converts the alternating current of the generator into a direct current corresponding to the rotational speed.
Connectors: 3 x AC plug connections for generator alternating current, 2 x DC plug connections for direct current consumers (plus +/minus -)

Generator Material: Sea water restistant Aluminium
Maximum Power: 225 Watt

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