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Product information "ElvWiS III ALUMINIUM Rotor"

Two-stage full-metal Savonius rotor for wind turbines (DIY kit)

Rotor components disassembled, complete assembly material is included.
Protection against theft by screwing the components.
Fits perfect to the ALUMINIUM generator EGE600-VA (not included in this offer).

Scope of supply

Rotor-axis (galvanized steel)
Rotor discs (Aluminium)
Rotor blades (Aluminium)
2 x Bearings (stainless steel, maintenance-free)
Assembly material (galvanized steel)
Operating and instructions manual (digital)

Technical data of the wind turbine

Total weight: ca. 4.3 kg
Total height: ca. 100 cm
Material: seawater-resistant Aluminium
Spinning start: 0.5 - 1.0 m/s
Idling speed at 12m/s: 900 rpm

Operating range: 0.5 - 30 m/s
Operational noise: < Ambient noise / 30 dB max.
Dimensions of the rotor: B 40 x H 80 cm
Rotor nominal power at 12 m/s: 51 Watts
Rotor maximum power at 20 m/s: 237 Watts
Rotor type: Savonius rotor - 2 opposed C-shaped blades per level
Rotor features: Allrounder for gusty winds and all wind speeds, fast power delivery at low wind speeds, quick reaction to changing wind speeds, self-braking at high wind speeds
Mounting options: For example, with mount for mast mounting, firmly srewed and/or removable on (top)/under flat surfaces; horizontal or vertical mounting possible (on walls, roof top, boat deck/mast etc.).

Important: To ensure long-lasting operation of your ALUMINUM wind turbine, always mount it in a holder at the top and at the bottom.

Component details

Rotor axis: 1 piece
Construction: Solid M12 threaded rod made of galvanized steel.

Rotor disc: 3 pieces
Construction: Torsion-resistant, laser-cut disc made of seawater-resistant aluminum alloy.

Rotor blade: 4 pieces
Construction: Stable, laser-cut and aerodynamically shaped blade made of seawater-resistant aluminum alloy.

Aplication Area: Fixed installation
Maximum Power: 240 Watt
Mounting Material: Galvanized steel
Mounting Method: Above and below
Rotor Material: Sea water resistant Aluminium
Rotors Stages: Double-stage
Turbine Design: Firrmly screwed

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