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Waterproof 12/24-Volt Outdoor Charge Controller

Product information "Waterproof 12/24-Volt Outdoor Charge Controller"

12/24 Volt MPPT Boost Charge Controller for Wind Turbines

Scope of Supply
Charge controller: 1 piece (also suitable for LiFePo4 batteries)

Technical data of the charge controller:
Charging mode: MPPT boost for low wind speeds
Nominal voltage (battery): 12V / 24V auto detection
Standby current consumption: 3.6 mA
Boost charge start: 8-9 V (12 V Batt.) / 15-16 V (24 V Batt.)
Protection class: IP 67
Power max.: 400 W
Max. input voltage: 60 V
Brake voltage: from 14.4 V (12 V batt.) / from 28.8 V (24 V batt.)
Restart voltage: at 13.5 V (12 V batt.) / at 27.0 V (24 V batt.)
Float voltage (after braking mode): down to 12.5 V (12 V batt.) / down to 25.0 V (24 V batt.)
Detection voltage min.: 8 V
Protection functions: Battery overvoltage, charging current limitation, braking function
Display: LED
Working temperature: -35 °C - +75 °C / 85 % RH

3 x blue cable: connection to generator (3-phase alternating current, integrated 3-phase rectifier)
1 x red cable: connection to battery plus "+"
1 x black cable: connection to battery minus "-"

Display LED's:
Unload LED: blinking once when the battery is connected. Permanently on in braking mode. Flashes in float charge mode.
Charge LED: Flashes in boost charging mode. Permanently on in standard charging mode.

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