ElvWiS III ALUMINIUM Hybrid with Universal Mount

Product information "ElvWiS III ALUMINIUM Hybrid with Universal Mount"

Two-stage quality wind turbine with Savonius rotor (assembly kit)

Turbine components disassembled, generator fully assembled. Complete stainless steel assembly material is included.
With double-disc generator GEA-600-VA and universal mount.
Protection against theft by screwing the components.

Optional with 3-Phase rectifier or 12/24-Volt charge controller.
Optional upgrades for particularly demanding locations: Ceramic bearings and/or reinforcement angles on the mount.
(Easily, you can choose the options beside the article images above in the variant configurator.)

This turbine is a hybrid of the ALUMINUM and ADVENTURE series, which combines their proven advantages:
- Large, solid rotor made of lightweight and durable aluminum.
- Stable and torsion-resistant stainless steel hollow axle in the rotor.
- Practical plug-in mounting of the rotor in the generator and upper bearing support.
- Effective bolt connection between rotor and rotor axis.
- Easy adjustment in the upper bearing by floating mounting.
- Massive stainless steel ball bearings in generator and mount.

Scope of supply

Generator (ABS, stainless steel bearings, stainless steel axle)
Connection cable (0.5 m)
Turbine base plate: (Aluminium, segmented)
Rotor retainer plate: (Aluminium)
Rotor-axis (stainless steel)
Rotor discs (Aluminium)
Rotor blades (Aluminium)
Universal mount (two-part, Aluminium)
Assembly material (stainless steel)
12/24-Volt charge controller (optional)
3-Phase rectifier (optional)
Ceramic bearings instead of stainless steel bearings (optional)
Reinforcement angles (4 pieces, optional)
Operating and instructions manual (digital)

Technical data of the wind turbine

Total weight: 7.5 kg without cables and installation material
Total height: 107 cm
Material: Stainless steel, seawater-resistant Aluminium, UV-resistant plastics
Spinning start: 0.5 - 1.0 m/s
Charging start 12.5 / 24.5 Volt: 3.0 - 4.0 / 5.0 - 6.0 m/s
Operating range: 0.5 - 30 m/s
Operating voltage: 0 - 59 Volts, optimised for 12-Volt applications
Operational noise: < Ambient noise / 30 dB max.
Dimensions of the rotor: B 40 x H 80 cm
Rotor nominal power at 12 m/s: 51 Watts
Rotor maximum power at 20 m/s: 237 Watts
Maximum generator efficiency: 96 %

Rotor type: Savonius rotor - 2 opposed C-shaped blades per level
Rotor features: Allrounder for gusty winds and all wind speeds, fast power delivery at low wind speeds, quick reaction to changing wind speeds, self-braking at high wind speeds
Mounting options: For example, with U-clamps for mast mounting, firmly srewed and/or removable on (top)/under flat surfaces; horizontal or vertical mounting possible (on walls, roof top, boat deck/mast etc.).

Important: To ensure long-lasting operation of your ALUMINUM wind turbine, always mount it in a holder at the top and at the bottom.

Component details

Generator: 1 piece
Construction: Double-disc generator (IP64), 12-pole (24 neodymium magnets), AC 3-phase, brushless, cogging-free.
Housing/Socket: Extremely sturdy ABS compound material with stainless steel connecting elements.
Axle: Stainless steel; equipped with precision ball bearing seatings and a zylindrical 18 mm axis retainer with integrated centering sleeve. Bottom with a M16 internal thread; on top equipped with a metric M22 wrench attachement point and a 5 mm trough hole for fixing a shaft.
Bearings: Massive branded stainless steel ball bearings (Type 6005) with lifetime lubrication.
Cable connection: Single implemented stable strain relief on generator. 

Turbine base plate segments: 2 pieces
Robust 4 mm aluminum solid sheet element. Compatible with the small universal mount. Multifunctional use provided by holes for attachment of additional securing and connecting elements.

Rotor retainer plate: 1 piece
Construction: Robust, 4 mm thick aluminum plate with precision-manufactured bearing sleeve made of impact- and abrasion-resistant polyamide. Solid branded stainless steel ball bearing (Type 6004) with lifetime lubrication and integrated 18 mm centering sleeve. Integrated slots for the compensation of alignment tolerances.

Connection cable: 0.5 meters
Specifications: Flexible and durable 10 mm thick, rubberized outdoor equipment cable with 3 phases x 1.5 mm.

Rotor axis: 1 piece
Construction: All stainless steel-made, torsion resistant 18 mm hollow axle with cross hole to fix it into the generator, locking split-pins and protective cap. 

Rotor disc: 3 pieces

Construction: Torsion-resistant, laser-cut disc made of seawater-resistant aluminum alloy.

Rotor blade: 4 pieces

Construction: Stable, laser-cut and aerodynamically shaped blade with flanged long edges made of seawater-resistant aluminum alloy.

Universal mount (two-part): 1 piece

Construction: Robust, 4 mm thick aluminum mount with 8 mm holes for mounting on planar surfaces or for mast mounting by the use of two 40 mm U-clamps. Wind turbine can be installed or replaced without uninstalling the mount.

Charge controller (optional): 1 piece
Descripion: Waterproof encapsulated battery charge controller (12/24 V) with integrated rectifier (also suitable for LiFePo4 batteries).
Charging mode: MPPT boost for low wind speeds
Nominal voltage (battery): 12V / 24V auto detection
Standby current consumption: 3.6 mA
Boost charge start: 8-9 V (12 V Batt.) / 15-16 V (24 V Batt.)
Protection class: IP 67
Power max.: 400 Watts
Max. input voltage: 60 Volts
Brake voltage: at 14.4 V (12 V batt.) / at 28.8 V (24 V batt.)
Restart voltage: at 13.5 V (12 V batt.) / at 27.0 V (24 V batt.)
Float voltage (after braking mode): down to 12.5 V (12 V batt.) / down to 25.0 V (24 V batt.)
Detection voltage min.: 8 V
Protection functions: Battery overvoltage, charging current limitation, braking function
Working temperature: -35 °C - +75 °C / 85 % RH
Display: Unload-LED, Charge-LED
Cable connection: 3 x blue for generator alternating current, 1 x red for battery plus, 1 x black for battery minus.

3-Phase rectifier (optional): 1 piece
Description: Waterproof encapsulated 3-phase bridge rectifier for direct connection of lighting, electric motors and other direct current applications.
Function: Converts the alternating current of the generator into a direct current corresponding to the rotational speed.
Connectors: 3 x AC plug connections for generator alternating current, 2 x DC plug connections for direct current consumers (plus +/minus -)

Aplication Area: Boat, Fixed installation
Generator Material: UV-resistant plastics
Maximum Power: 240 Watt
Mounting Material: Stainless steel
Mounting Method: Above and below
Rotor Material: Sea water resistant Aluminium
Rotors Stages: Double-stage
Turbine Design: Firrmly screwed

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